Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aztec Tattoos

Nice collection of top notch quality Aztec tattoo artwork designs.

At its pinnacle Aztec culture had rich and complex mythological and religious traditions, as well as reaching remarkable architectural and artistic accomplishments. A particularly gruesome element of Aztec culture to many was the practice of human sacrifice.

Colorful design.
Amazing warrior tattoo on back.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bear Tattoos

Great gallery of excellent bear tattoo artwork designs, most of these are pictures of grizzly bears, some of which are quite scary looking but very cool styles.

Deer Tattoos

Deer tattoo designs are a strikingly beautiful choice of animal tattoo artwork.

Deer tattoos are most commonly seen on those who enjoy hunting them for food, while animal lovers simply enjoy their unique beauty.

Here we have a great picture gallery of some high quality dear tattoos, to help you in your search for the perfect deer tattoo artwork.

Frogs are quickly gaining popularity in the world of tattoo designs, and why not? Frog are often thought to symbolize harmony, life and rejuvenation, in fact the ancient Egyptians saw the frog as a protector and guide to the afterlife.

Here we have some cool examples of frog tattoos, for you to browse though and enjoy.